Posted on Jun 09, 2012
Posted in Day After, Sneak Peek

I am so excited to share Lindsay & Tim’s Day After for many reasons, we had waited so long to do it as we wanted a unique location. I had always wanted to do a shoot up at Preston Castle, we had plenty of couples wanting to do it, but timing was off as they only have 2 days a year that you can go up there and do a paid shoot. So, This just happened to work out. If you have never been there, you should go up there for one of their tours, it is quite magical.

I know everyone will want to know if it was haunted or if anything happened while we were shooting and I will tell you this. I had a feeling when I walked through the entrance, not a scary feeling but something I can not explain, like we were walking into a place filled with a past of things we do not understand. While we were shooting some amazing shots down in the basement we experienced interference and our flash would not stop firing. I was a little uneasy…my husband..intrigued.

I basically figured with all the other Photographers running around that it was from that, even though no one was in the area with us.

We had so much fun and made a day of it, I love spending time with couples after a year has come and gone and hearing about their lives. I also want to mention the Yonans Floral is responsible for the Beautiful Bouquet and Boutonniere, THANK YOU AILIN!!! If you are still looking for a florist, Yonans Floral is the florist you want doing your flowers!

I loved playing around with our Off Camera Flash and having Lindsay & Tim let us be creative and do whatever we wanted..Thanks You Two!! I hope you enjoy this Blog Post.

We will be launching our updated website on July 30th, I hope everyone will check back for the launch. We are very excited to give our clients a new and improved website, Blog will remain as well as our client password protected gallery.

We are having a wonderful Wedding Season, Thank You to all of our Brides & Grooms waiting on their Wedding Images for being so patient!

And as always, check back for our series on Helpful Tips for Brides & Grooms, our next post hits next week.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, Here in Modesto it’s Graffiti weekend, have fun!