Posted on Jun 23, 2012
Posted in Sneak Peek, Weddings

I am so excited to share Govanna & Brandon’s Wedding with you all! This is a big share so please enjoy!

Govanna & Brandon were married at the beautiful St. Mary’s College Chapel. The chapel and the college campus is so breathtaking and beautiful. The ceremony, a full Mass was so special and emotional. After the ceremony we were able to walk the grounds and take photos for over an hour and even made it to the spot where Brandon picked up Govanna (Govanna went to college there) for their first date!

We then headed out to the Reception which was held in Dublin at the Shannon Community Center. Govanna & Brandon are just so sweet and are so in love, for those of you who have seen UP the movie the both loved it and feel very passionate wbout the message of that movie and the love between two people. So much so that Brandon wore the exact same grape pin that Carl wore in the movie and Govanna had the same pin on her bouquet. Govanna even gave Brandon the most special gift on the way to the Reception, an adventure book that had their special moments to date (the same on that Ellie had in the movie). She even had printed and pasted in their first massages to one another like little conversation bubbles (I can’t rell you how moved he was) It was truly special, I was so honored to watch the whole thing.

By the end of our time there I could tell these two have something so special and profound. I am happy to share it with all of you and most of all to Govanna & Brandon! Enjoy your Sneak Peek!!!